César has been dancing salsa since 1994 with initial training in ballroom dancing. He started giving salsa lessons in 1996 in Cuban style and introduced Rueda de Casino and the Cross Body Lead style (Puerto Rican, L.A, N.Y style) into Luxembourg.

He has given performances and workshops in Luxembourg, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium , Nederlands, Slovenia and Norway , whilst continuing to give his regular weekly lessons in Luxembourg.

Always concentrating on improving his own dancing and teaching abilities, he has attended many international salsa congresses over the last 10 years. César also focuses on personal training through rumba classes with rumba expert Marja Liettila, ocassional contemporary dance workshops with Philippe Beaudouin and other salsa workshops for reduced group of attendants with world famous professionals.

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“Salsa is my spring for youth and energy”, and this is the feeling Filo likes to transmit in her courses.

Filo is an enthusiastic salsa passionate. She started dancing salsa in 1999. Her experience as teacher started in 2004. She was a pioneer of the "New York on 2" style in Luxembourg and founder member of SalsaWave in 2005. She improved her NY style by participating in many congresses around the world specially in N.Y. and Puerto Rico (where she got a certificate of N.Y. Style), and by taking private lessons with some of the most worldwide renown teachers: Nelson Flores, Eddie Torres, Melissa Rosado, Tomas Guerrero, Magna Gopal. She is also co-founder of MamboJazzies group where she has developed her Lady Styling, Cha-Cha-Cha and Shines which are her passion and best skills!

She has given courses and performances in Luxembourg, France, Germany and Cyprus

Filo’s passion is still growing and she is improving and meeting others styles and dances like rumba, Afro Cuban dances, hip-hop and kizomba.

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Shows by César and Filo

Since 2001, when "Une belle histoire" was firstly perfomed in the Luxembourg Immigration Festival, César, Filo and Louise have produced and re-produced numerous choreographies, either on their own, with other schools or with their students.

In 2006 C&L - Salsa Life project was created as a joint venture of two reputated dance schools in the Saar-Lor-Lux region: César&Louise (Luxembourg) and Salsa Life (Trier). The result of this co-operation are so far the shows:"One Man Too Many", "Once Upon a Time" and "Woman Like me - Femmes Fatales".

Every end of the school year, César&Filo present a show with their students. Louise and her Lady Styling team took the initiative in 2004. In 2007, César's men styling students took up the challenge. Since 2008 the advanced course took the relay

Salsa shows

  • One Man Too Many
    Salsa Life Party

    Trier - 2007
    C&L Salsa Life project

  • One Man Too Many
    2nd Salsa Congress

    Luxembourg - 2007
    C&L Salsa Life project

  • Once Upon a Time 2nd Salsa Congress

    Luxembourg - 2007 C&L Salsa Life Students

  • La Salsa Nunca Se Acaba Full Monty

    Luxembourg - 2005 Louise Lady Styling Team

  • Cómo Decírselo Stepping Out Spring Party

    Luxembourg - 2010
    C&L and students

  • Valio la Pena
    End of season party

    Luxembourg - 2008
    C&L and students

Salsa classes

  • Luxembourg salsa congress

    Luxembourg - 2009

  • C&L advanced course

    Luxembourg - Jan 2009 César&Louise

  • C&L advanced course

    Luxembourg - Jan 2009 César&Louise

Salsa miscelanea by César

  • Here's is a nice mess... Limboug salsa congress

    Luxembourg - 2009 César&Louise

  • Fco Vasquez and Louise
    Falsterbo salsa camp

    Falsterbo (Sweden) - 2002 Francisco Vasquez

  • Valió la Pena Fitness Zone rehearsal

    Luxembourg - June 2008 César&Louise

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    19:30 to 20:25 Intermediate
    20:30 to 21:25 Pre-advanced
    21:30 to 22:25 Advanced

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