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Good Manners on the Dancefloor
by Louise (from C&L)
Over the last year or so I have been hearing complaints about people’s behaviour when dancing salsa in nightclubs and bars. Some people even gave up on salsa because of that. I’ve done a bit of research and put together a list of points which I think EVERYONE should consider. Le'ts all try to pay a bit of attention to the way we dance and then everyone can enjoy salsa! Thanks! Read them all →
Top Tips to improve your Salsa Dancing
by Louise (from C&L)
While looking for inspiration for an article I [Louise] found some information on the Australian 'Club Salsa' website which repeats exactly what we say every year to you all about dancing salsa. I've included it here, and put in some additional thoughts too but this just shows that what we say is acknowledged everywhere in the world - its not just us! These are important tips to remember as they are really the key to progressing and becoming a good salsa dancer. Hope these help. Have fun! Read them all →
Salsa Styles 1: Timing in salsa styles
by César
"on 1"... "on 2"... Palladium style... On which time should I dance?
Salsa style 2: Travelling
by César
Do you dance in circular area or rather in a rectangle? Do I really need that much space when I dance Cross Body Style?

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