Where to find us

Fitness Zone,
103 Rue des Bruyères
(Howald - Luxembourg).

For up to date information call 29 10 15

How can I subscribe?

Your subscription has to be done at Fitness Zone, 103 Rue des Bruyères (Howald - Luxembourg). You can save some time by downloading and filling in this form (Word doc - PDF). Then please print it and give a paper copy to the personal at Fitness Zone when you go there to make your subscription.

C&F are not entitled to process subscriptions. Please don't send us or give us your subscription forms. Thank you for your understanding!

How to get there by bus

If you come by bus you can stop at Howald-Ronnebësch or Op der Stirzel.


103, Rue des Bruyères,
Tel: 29 10 15

César has been dancing salsa since 1994 with initial training in ballroom dancing.
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Filo“Salsa is my spring for youth and energy”, and this is the feeling Filo likes to transmit in her courses.
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Filo's lessons

  • Not yet scheduled

Salsa Classes

  • Tuesday:
    No more lessons on Tuesdays
  • Thursday:
    19:30 to 20:25 Intermediate
    20:30 to 21:25 Pre-advanced
    21:30 to 22:25 Advanced

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us via email (cesarandfilo@gmail.com).
Follow us on twitter @cesarandfilo or have look at our photos and videos.