Once Upon a time...

(March 2007 - 2nd Luxembourg salsa congress)

Alfredo, Anabela, Carlo, Cristina, Diane, Jaqueline, Jovita, Kamal, Mary, Michel, Myriam and Vitor. Twelve students from Salsa Life and César&Louise salsa schools put together six different salsa choreographies created by Sandra, César and Helder. After four months of hard work, a single 16 minutes show combining theatre and salsa was performed for the first time in Luxembourg during the 2nd Luxembourg Salsa Congress.

The background was a free version of a popular fairy tale. (well, a "very free version" since our Cinderella was not that innocent and our prince was a mafioso). Such a story required the skills of a true theatrical director. Victoria, from the Spanish Theater group "Theatrum" in Luxembourg, tried hard to get out of our salseros the hidden actor they had inside.

And last but not least, thank you very much to Eric Lallemand for these fantastic pictures.

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